Podilskyi project institute Podilskyi project institute
Total area: 9,9 ha
Construction of the hotel-trade-service complex in village Krasnopilka, Haisyn District, Vinnytsia Region
Building area: 1 979 m2
Construction of the store for cars selling and warranty service
Rooms area: 761,5 m2
Construction of religious institutions
Reconstruction of the laboratory-production building in Kyiv city for office premises
Rooms area: 4 376 m2
Construction of the diagnostic and treatment center in Vinnytsia
Rooms area: 5 992 m2
Model of the cafe for children in Tomashpil
Industrial complexes

Construction of Vinnytsia Regional Clinical Center for the Treatment and Diagnostics of Cardiovascular Diseases
Transport networks and objects of roadside service
Utility networks and structures
Apartment buildings

Reconstruction of the territory of vacation hotel Enerhiia with construction of  bedroom blocks and cafe in village Henicheska Hirka, Henichesk District, Kherson Region  
Capacity: 144 beds, rooms area: 16 000 m2

Reconstruction of the Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Department in the main building ot the City Clinical Hospital No.1 in Vinnytsia

Reconstruction of  preschool educational institutions and schools
Capacity: 9 beds, rooms area: 580 m2