Podilskyi project institute Podilskyi project institute
- designing of buildings of residential, household, social and cultural purposes, including: 
          - multi-storey apartment houses;
          - sanatorium institutions;
          - religious institutions;
          - diagnostic and treatment centers:
          - hotel-entertainment complexes;
          - educational institutions.

- development of projects of the car-care centers, including:
          - automobile repair shops;
          - petrol filling stations;
          - accessory shops, etc.
- designing of utility networks and utility systems:
          - indoor and outdoor networks of water supply and sewerage;
          - gas supply;
          - heating and ventilation, air-conditioning, smoke conduits;
          - electric power supply and electric equipment;
          - security and fire-extinguishing systems.
- engineering surveys:
          - topographic and geodetic surveys;
          - engineering and geological surveys, including field and laboratory soil investigations.
- development of urban planning documentation;

- condition surveys of building constructions and development of methods of their reinforcement;

- condition surveys and certification of buildings and facilities;

- well drilling;

- designer's supervision of  building process;

- adaptation of foreign projects according to the state construction standards of Ukraine;

- also, institute can perform:
          - copying and duplicating works;
          - modeling of the future building and its interior design;
          - cost estimation of object;
          - technical consultations about building and designing.


Podilskyi Project Institute LLC has licenses and qualification certificates for designing above-stated buildings, has right to design buildings which are located in complex geological conditions and karst territories, in seismically hazardous regions throughout the territory of Ukraine.
Main areas of activity:

- designing of construction of new enterprises and reconstruction and modernization of operating enterprises of all industries, including objects of :
          - the agriculture: 
                                     grain elevators and  grain processing posts,
                                     dairy plants,
                                     confectionery factories,
                                     bakery plants;
          - radio engineering and electronic industry, instrument-making branch;
          - wood-working industry;
          - mining industry;
          - power industry:
                                     cable and overhead lines of electric power supply 35...330 kV,
                                      transformer substations 35...330 kV:
          - fiber-optic communication links and their station structures.