Length: 230 km
More than 8000 km of fiber-optic communication links for the leading communication operators of Ukraine: Ukrtelecom JSC, UMC CJSC, Kyivstar GSM CJSC, Datagroup CJSC; Ministry of Transport and Communications, EuroTransTelecom LLC.
Length: more than 8000 km
Construction of the storm drains and stormwater treatment plants of capacity 400 - 1200 l/s for the highway across the Dnieper River in Zaporizhia

Development of project sections External electric lighting and Reconstruction of utility networks for roads of national importance construction/reconstruction:
     -  М-03 Kyiv - Kharkiv - Dovzhanskyi; 
     -  М-04 Znamianka - Luhansk - Izvaryne;
     -  Donetsk bypass road, IV part;
     -  М-05 Kyiv - Odesa;
     -  М-06 Kyiv - Chop;
     -  М-07 Kyiv - Kovel - Yahodyn;
     -  Н-20 Sloviansk - Donetsk - Mariupol.

Apartment buildings
Transport networks and objects of roadside service

Electric power supply of Kyiv main ring road
Industrial complexes
Public complexes